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The Essential Collection
Piano Music

The Essential Collection Classical Gold Piano Music Book
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Classical Piano Music Favourites
(including arrangements of popular orchestral works or songs

The essential collection series includes many favourite tunes of each composer, simplified or shortened slightly where necessary to make them accessible to the average pianist. As well as pieces written specifically for piano, transcriptions of the composer`s best known orchestral compositions are often included also.
Adagietto (Symphony No.5 In C Sharp Minor Mahler] - Adagio Expressivo (Symphony No.2 Schumann] - Allegretto (Symphony No.7 Beethoven] - Allegretto (Symphony No.3 Brahms] - Allegro Con Brio (Symphony No.5 Op.67 Beethoven] - Allegro Moderato (Symphony No.8 'Unfinished' by Schubert] - Allegro Molto (Symphony No.3 In E Flat 'Eroica' by Beethoven] - Allegro Molto (Symphony No.40) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus] - Allegro Non Troppo (Symphony No.4 Brahms) - Allegro Vivace (Symphony No.3 The Italian by Mendelssohn] - Allegro Molto (Symphony No.5 Schubert] - Andante (Symphony No.101 'The Clock' by Haydn] - Andante (Symphony No.3 Op.90 by Brahms] - Andante (Symphony No.4 In C Minor 'Tragic' by Schubert] - Andante (Symphony No.94 'The Surprise' by Haydn] - Andante Cantabile (Symphony No.5 by Tchaikovsky] - Andante Con Moto (Symphony No.3 'The Italian' by Mendelssohn] - Bewegt, Nicht Zu Schnell (Symphony No.4 'Romantic' by Bruckner] - Fifth Movement (Symphony No.6 'Pastoral' by Beethoven] - Introduction And Allegro (Symphony No.3 'The Scottish' by Mendelssohn] - Largo (Symphony No.9 In E Minor 'From The New World' Op.95 by Dvorak] - Largo (Symphony No.9 'The New World' by Dvorak) - March Theme (Symphony No.6 by Tchaikovsky] - March To The Scaffold (Symphonie Fantastique by Berlioz] - Minuet (Symphony No.39 by Mozart] - Minuet (Symphony No.41 'Jupiter' by Mozart] - Minuet (Symphony No.5 by Schubert] - Ode To Joy (Symphony No.9 'Choral' by Beethoven] - Sturmisch Bewegt (Symphony No.1 'Titan' by Mahler] -
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