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Titanic film music

The spy who

sister act

John Williams movie music book

Titanic - Selection from, includes background music and title song PVG and piano. You mean you have n`t got it yet? For piano £10.99 Other versions available almost all instruments (please enquire)

Star Wars Episode 1 music - Piano version (also available for most instruments and easy piano/keyboard please enquire) £11.99

The Spy who - you know the rest - a very varied selection of music featured in the film. £11.99

Star trek - There are several well-known film themes which varied from film to film as well as the original TV Easy piano version £7.99

Sister Act - The Motown parodies which featured with great tunes from this comedy £12.99

John Williams Movie Themes - Piano arrangements from the greatest composer of the bestloved film music

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waiting ot exhale music selection

blues brothers music

commitments music

james bond music

jane austen book

tv and film buskers book

Waiting to Exhale - this film featured Whitney Houston and some good new songs

The Blues Brothers - all-time mega-blasting blues-rock classics from this cult film. A real classic £7.99

The Commitments - A TV series with surprisingly lasting appeal, helped mainly by the lively 70s and motown songs featured in this album

James Bonds Greatest Hits - sung by the most popular singers of the last 25 years. There are a lot of tunes in this book. Great value £8.99 PVG or £6.99 2 stave easy piano

Jane Austen - Gentle attractive music recalling a more gentle age from several Jane Austen drams. For Piano

101 Film and TV themes for Buskers - A really big selection, top line and chords, including many popular British TV themes as well as film music

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James Horner book

rock songs from the movies book

grease film album

the piano music book

michael nyman book

the wizard of oz music book

The Music of James Horner - Including Titanic he has been responsible for much of the great film music of recent years.For piano £9.99

Rock Songs from the Movies an original selection (including Good morning Vietnam and others) £7.99

Grease- Souvenir edition of the film music. So many varied and memorable songs for £9.99

The Piano - Atmospheric music from the film with a great appeal to the ambitious pianist.£7.99

Michael Nyman (composer of The Piano) Film Music for Solo Piano £8.99

The Wizard of Oz - The songs everyone remembers £9.99

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You`ve got mail

You`ve Got Mail - Great tear-jerking standards, re-worked for this Tom Hanks Meg Ryan re-match film £12.99

N.B.Please enquire separately for Disney films, some of which are listed on our Disney Page

All titles are PVG (Piano, vocal line with words if applicable, guitar chords) unless otherwise stated.

There is much more film and TV music available, these are just the most popular, also much is available for other instruments, flute, clarinet, sax or violin.

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