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Popular Piano vocal music books songs from your favourite top singers and bands
Your favourite stuff to play from the Latest Top Bands in Guitar Tab
With these chord songbooks you can play your favourite songs easily, simply strumming along to the lyrics
Lick Library DVDs can transform your guitar playing, teaching you all the great tricks and the styles of most of your favourite guitarists
Buy all the favourite and best guitar strings here, and if you are buying a book at the same time postage is free
Music Tutor books, most of which you can simply teach yourself from, fully illustrated for absolute beginners and some with CD or even DVD included



How to Order from us and Delivery Details

Using Our
Secure Order Form

You can use our secure encrypted order form by simply clicking on the ORDER FORM button or a similar link on any of our pages. This is on a separate secure site, which is indicated by the padlock symbol on your browser border.

This will bring up a small order form on the top left of your screen which will stay there for you to fill in the details until you decide to send it to us. This means you can carry on looking through our pages adding items to it at will.

Clicking on the main screen again will cause this to momentarily disappear, but you can keep it in view at all times by reducing the size of our page you are browsing and placing it to to the right of your screen. The order form will still be there in the background in any case.

Copying Details of your order

The easiest way to copy the item to your form is of course by highlighting with the standard control+c button when copying from our page and pasting into the form with control+v.

In most cases you should include the name of the item, the catalogue number if given and the pricing details including postage. A full listing of the songs in the book is not needed!

Confirming your order

When you have successfully ordered the order form will change and you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail.

If we are unsure of what you want from the details supplied, or if there is more than a £1 increase in the charges we will contact you, preferably by phone, e-mail or text to get your approval of the increase or accept your cancellation if necessary.

When You Will be Charged

We never charge you until your item is actually packed ready to go into the post with first-class delivery. This ensures that an item unexpectedly going out of print or otherwise unavailable will not result in unfair treatment of you.

When We Will Send out Your Order

If the item is in stock we will send it out to you within 24 hours, otherwise most items can be brought back in stock within 4-5 days to send out to you. If there is a more serious delay we will let you know to give you a chance to cancel your order if this is inconvenient.

Orders received late on Fridays will be sent out as soon as the postal service is available again on Monday. We use regular first class post to send your item.

Payment Methods we accept

We accept all cards with the Mastercard or Visa Symbol, including Solo and Maestro and all American Express Cards.

Our order form even gives you the option to send on a UK bank or building society cheque to cover your order but you should bear in mind that this will of course delay your order, as we cannot send your item till we receive your cheque.

Our address for mailing is
The Music Box,
30/31 The Lanes
Meadowhall Centre,
Sheffield S9 1EP
United Kingdom

Phoning your order through

You are perfectly welcome to order by phoning us on 0114 256 9089. The web-page gives you our opening hours for the day you visit our site for this purpose. (This may not be accurate for Bank Holidays, which are normally 10am to 6pm, but we are open 363 days a year, only closing Christmas Day and Easter Sunday)

There may be occasions when we are too busy to take your call or the phone line is busy, but we wil answer you directly with a member of staff and will not waste your valuable time by leaving you on hold or in a queue.

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