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Music Teachers Adverts
Get a Great Teacher to Inspire you or your Kids

These ar music teachers wanting to help you play your chosen instrument. Note that some will travel a short distance to you for your lessons and some will expect you to go to them weekly for your lesson.


Musical Advertisers Section - Advertise as a Music Teacher for FREE

Please note that we are reformatting our ery popular advertising pages to make them more focussed and useful to advertisers and enquirers alike.

If you have advertised with us before please resubmit using the formula given below. For the time being advertising is still free, and we can keep it that way if you subscribe strictly to the formula below.

Your Advert in one geographical section is Still Free for the time being! Additional areas may be purchased at £20 per geographical listing. Request details if you wish when you email us your free advertisement. We do not need any credit card details unless you take up the additional listings option

Teachers Free Advertising Format Details - - - - How to Advertise Here

f possible choose a gereral geographical area from those shown in search section above and include in your e-mail. If none provided there  so far provided seems suitable include your suggestion for a new one in your email.

Teachers please copy the following headings into your email to us and submit your advert under the headings of

General Geographical Area (eg Yorkshire, London etc) An Existing one if possible
Your Name
Instrument(s) taught
Town you are based
Do you want to travel to pupils or only teach at your studio
If you do travel Maximum Distance or furthest area of town
Style of teaching, eg for enjoyment or exams
Other details or things you wish to tell prospective customers (maximum 35 words!)
E-mail address
Website Address (You may use facebook or myspace full addresses if you wish
Mobile Phone

You may also attach a photo or logo as a bitmap, or jpeg suitable for us to crop and reduce to a maximum height of 138 pixels to fit the advert for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to fill in all sections of the details list?

My area is not in your list. What can I do?

Can I appear in more than one Geographical area?

Do I have to provide a link to you on my website?

No,  You do not have to include details for all sections (For example you might only wish to include email, telephone or website as contact details)

It is best for you if you share an existing page, but if there is really none that you consider describes your location adequately, please feel free to make your own suggestion

Initially only one geographical area will be permitted free.because of the work involved. We may later allow additional areas for £20 each extra page you request.

No you do not have to, but you will be well advised to link as this will increase the popularity of both your own site and this one where you are appearing also!

If you would like to link to us you will find some useful graphics and text to use by clicking here to our linksgraphics page

Sample Music Teachers Ad (fictitious & ever so slightly tongue in cheek!)

Mrs Philomena Wiggins
,B Sc, RN (retired)

Instruments Taught
Piano, Violin and handbells.

Based in
Nether Wapping, Berkshire

Maximum Distance
I teach at my home,or 500 yards from my front door, Near Wallop Wapping mainly

Teaching Style
Very large ruler applied especially hard for wrong accidentals. Free and easy manner and prepares pupils for Associated Bored

Special Attributes
Music Columnist for Nether Wapping Gazette, studied musical judo in Paris and has recently taught a 95 year old chimpanzee to play Rachmaninovs 2nd piano concerto (on the violin)

Website: www.doyoureallywanttogothere.co.uk

E-mail howdareyouwritetome@hot.com

Telephone 07788 99991199999

Please Use the link from the button above to write in with your advert
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