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Christmas Favourites for all Keyboards, a great mixture of 50 songs, and carols in easy two stave format. 12.99

Home Organists Library - Everybody`s favourite Christmas songs and carols, 31 songs for 3 stave but fairly easy, organ arranged by the ever popular Kenneth Baker 8.99

Guest spot series for flute, clarinet, violin, or saxophone Christmas songs (please state which instrument you use) solo line plus matching CD for playing along with featuring 20 very popular xmas songs and carols 9.99

The best Christmas Songbook ever (and surely one of the biggest!) for pianists and 2 stave keyboard players about 50 carols and favourite xmas songs in an easy to play style 14.99

I Can Play That Christmas Songs Simplified arrangements for piano or 2 stave keyboard of 21 xmas songs and carols. Except for endings,in this series there are only 2 or at most 3 notes to play at the same time 5.99

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With Christmas in Mind, 19 songs, all the popular secular favourites up to quite recent years in the original Piano Vocal Guitar (chord) arrangements. Virtually all the non-carol xmas music you`ll ever need (except White Xmas) 6.99

Christmas Carols (Easy Keyboard Library) 23 traditional carols top line melody, lyric and chord names, with the useful bonus of all the keyboard chord diagrams used in each song shown on the same page.5.99

Christmas Keyboard (SFX series) for keyboard players who can`t even remember how to read the right hand notes, note names are iwritten inside the notes in each of the songs plus simplified chord names ideal for one finger left hand playi ng. 4.99

Your favourite songs for Christmas Easy Guitar, mixed songs and carols in TAB with top line music, lyrics, and chord boxes, ideal for the determined non-music reading guitarist 8.99

The Complete Guitar Player Christmas for fans of this popular guitar learning series and all who would like to play 40 carols and popular Xmas songs from top line and easy chord box arrangements 6.99

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It`s Easy to Play Christmas Songs Another great selection for beginner pianist or bass clef reader keyboard player, arranged for maximum of 3 notes together, possibly 4 on endings. 5.99


101 Xmas Hits for Buskers A HUGE selection of favourites in both categories in handy size top line melody, lyric and chord name format for the keyboard player, pianist (who plays from chord symbols) or general muso. 10.99

White Xmas (I`m Dreaming of A). The most famous xmas popular song of all time - Better add it to your selection as this tune is for copyright reasons NOT AVAILABLE IN ANY OF THE COMPILATIONS.3.50 Postage 1 only, if bought separately.

Family and Friends Book of Christmas Carols Complete with separate carol word sheet detachable for a family singsong, arrangements are hymn-book style mainly block chords with optional organ pedal part 5.99

Easiest Keyboard Collection Christmas Songs 22 popular xmas songs and carols with melody line, lyrics, simple chord names, and diagrams of all the chords used for each song on the same page 6.99

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